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Somebody praise The Lord with me! The God I serve is truly a covenant keeping One with no shadow of turning. He is The only One that utters a word or promise through His prophet and sees to its fulfilment. His promises are yea and amen thus the need to trust him wholeheartedly.

My testimony goes as follows; I have been employed on a permanent contract with a company for some time now and it’s been a distressing experience for me. In the beginning, I thought I could pull through and stay fixed until I get a more appealing offer elsewhere but I realised every facet of my life began to diminish: socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically as I was stretched beyond my limits in this demanding role (doing three peoples’ duties as a senior supervisor and working very late hours. In all, I was exploited) without any increase in pay or change of position. By mid-October, I was weighed down a great deal and hence summoned the courage to discuss it all with Pastor Ikechukwu when I could not bear it any longer (I was stricken with severe flu and weakness).

Pastor ministered to me immensely through other peoples’ testimonies and his prayers. He motivated my faith by saying “God is going to provide you with a better job and better pay before November” and that He would put all plans in place to accomplish this without my efforts. With these words, I felt a wind of bliss blow over me (I was overjoyed) and this brought about my healing! Furthermore, I took a bold step of faith by turning in my resignation from my current job (with no hesitations), then I felt a greater relief.

To my amazement, in less than a week after my resignation, I began to receive telephone calls for different positions within my field of work some of which I did not even apply for. Interview arrangements were made for the role I found pretty appealing immediately. I attended the interview (the first since I quit my job) and was successful (the chosen candidate for the role!).

I was offered the position (permanent) on the same day to start immediately with a good package and with loads of rewards. On the same day, I received a long awaited message from a connection I had given up on and a couple of other miracles that were to my wonder.

Thanks to God almighty, who was, who is and would forever be!
“He that receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s blessing” – Matthew 10 verse 41

The God of Dominion Life Assembly is real! Please stay steadfast and committed. He would come through for you in due season!
Posted By: Dami
Healing Miracles

It occurred in April 2012 when I started bleeding intermittently. I had to go to my GP for examination and I was referred to St Thomas’s Hospital to do pelvic ultrasound for fibroid. 1st of June was the date giving for the ultrasound.

The day before, I had a dream in which I saw the Man of God came to perform a surgery on me. On getting to the Hospital, the Sonographer could not detect any fibroid and she said I am Ok and sound and that was how God set me free! To God be the Glory.
Posted By: Mrs Abosede Ogunmolade. London. UK
My Testimony

I am a contractor and a safety officer. I have been looking for contracts for so long and couldn’t get any. After many years of rejection of work today, no work tomorrow and swimming in mountains of debt. God remembered and delivered me at Dominion Life Assembly!

I joined the Ministry 13 months ago. Two weeks before I became a member, I was rejected on another contract at the Olympic Village Stratford and was deeply in debts. I met the Man of God who prayed and prophesied upon my life. Exactly three weeks later, I got two massive contracts to manage as He had prophesied that God would daze me with miracles and testimonies within three months.

Just few months after the contract, all my debts were paid off and I became financially free!

Since I and my family have become members of this great ministry, our lives have changed dramatically in every area. The undiluted, concentrated words of God being preached by God’s servant has changed and added meaning to our lives and today we are glorifying God for the great things He has done. Glory be to God Almighty!
Posted By: Victor Ogunmolade, London, UK.
My Testimony of financial visitation

My name is Mr Stephen Ekpokpobe. God has been so faithful to me and my family.
I received a big package just after the anointing for double honour. I actually had only £26.00 in my bank account and sky (Broadband Service Provider) needed to collect £33.00 direct debit from my account; and the next day I heard a voice saying to me that I should check my account.

But I kept postponing it and the voice kept coming, so I decided to check it and lo and behold I saw £779.00 inside my account. I just want to thank God because this is his doing.

Praise the lord for his mighty works in my life.
Posted By: Stephen Ekpokpobe

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